Planet-friendly skincare and foodie treat gift boxes, cruelty free, handmade and zero plastic. And not drop of palm oil in sight. How cool is that. 

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I founded Moosefantastic as I wanted to source gifts that were both planet-friendly aswell as skin-kind. I was also more & more conscious of what I was putting on my skin as well as the harm all the chuck-away packaging was doing to the planet.

The idea for starting this business came to me during lock-down. I put together a letterbox sized gift box for customers to reach out to loved ones who were self-isolating, and so Moosefantastic was born. As a recent convert to plant-based eating it also needed to be vegan friendly!

So I then started to put together more gift boxes full of foodie treats and skincare, with our individual products that are full of lovely botanicals (Moosefantastics own products are not only chock-full of good stuff, zero plastic, palm oil free, vegan friendly but also handmade. They are all made in the UK and animal friendly too - WAH-LAH!).

I am completely addicted to the all over soothing salve (I cant stop sniffing the tin, I'm so easily pleased...)

It has taken time and a lot of patience, with few wobbles along the way, all the late nights staring at my computer - I now truly have square eyes! But I’m told this is normal! (wobbles..not the square eyes..)

I hope that the products you choose from my site will show the love that went into putting them together - all of my gift boxes are hand decorated and gift wrapped with an optional handwritten message. I am a natural squirrel-er of lovely patterned papers to create lovely things – and I’m not a fan of glitter. It hurts the planet! Oh and I love paper folding too, so there may be an origami heart in them.

As a final note, Moose is also the nick-name of my husband from his army days - so it seemed fitting that we incorporate this into the company name! We also have many Moose-related things around our home as you can imagine.

Ta-ta for now, Karen x 

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